Energy Refurbishment

The opportunity to refurbish and upgrade Spanish homes is sizeable, economically feasible – with appropriate regulatory support – and can go a long way towards reforming and refocusing Spain’s buildings sector which is badly impacted by the financial crisis and failing to meet the environmental challenges from Global Change. This working group11 (“GTR”) believes that 10 million Spanish primary homes built before 2001 can be transformed into low-energy, low emissions, modern housing delivering benefits to owners and occupants, and creating 110,000-130,000 stable, long-term direct jobs in a vibrant New Housing Sector (“NHS”) from 2012 to 2050.

Peter Sweatman and Albert Cuchí (“A National Perspective on Spain’s Buildings SectorA Roadmap for a New Housing Sector” 2011)

Energy refurbishment means an improvement in the habitability conditions for building users, and big savings in energy consumption (gas, electricity, and so on)

What does cc60 provide?

• We offer a personalized study of the existing building and its energy consumption before and after the refurbishment, assessing the scenarios and options suited to each user.
• In our approach to the project bioclimatic and energy efficiency strategies are always a priority.
• During the design process as well as during the refurbishment itself, we work with users and provide them information about possible the best options so that they play an active role in the project.
• We propose a plan for the refurbishment of the building that can be performed together or staggered over the life of the building.
• We help our clients finding and achieving existing grants for energy refurbishment and renewable energies.