The working construction of LIFE New4Old project gets started

cc60 share consists in the development of a rehabilitation project of social housing for rent in downtown Zaragoza, focused to improve their environmental and energy performance and the inhabitants’ quality of life. The project was developed together with Margarita de Luxán within the EU cofounded project NewSolutions4OldHousing (LIFE10 ENV/ES/439). The reporting of the project took place on April 16th 2013 in Zaragoza and the working construction has just begun, one year later, by the contractor COANFI. Among the different actions carried out we find: monitoring the building before and after the intervention, comparative evaluation of data, solutions and possibilities, and involvement of users in the dwellings’ characterization through a survey and energy consumption data, so that it is possible to evaluate the actions taken to improve their comfort conditions and the energy performance, before and after the intervention. The institutions involved in this project are: the Technological Centre AITEMIN, the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM), Portugal Technological Centre for Ceramics and Glass (CTCV) and the Zaragoza City Housing Society (SMZV).

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