Environmental consultancy about different options in developable land areas within 1997’s Master Plan of the City of Madrid.

Location: Madrid

Client: Madrid City Hall, Town Planning and Housing Department (Dirección General de Revisión del Plan General. Área de Gobierno de Urbanismo y Vivienda).

Year: 2011

Team: Bardají & Asociados SL. Collaboration of CC60 Estudio de Arquitectura SLP.

Project keys

  • Management of an over dimensioned and under used land assets, through reassignment of previously allotted land, redefinition of their primary uses and focus on the reutilization and densification of formerly used land rather than the qualification of new properties.
  • Recommendations  and initiatives towards increasing the density as sustainability criterion, as well in gross density or floor area ratio, as in the number of dwellings, adjusting the average size of the dwelling to the real needs.
  • Submission of a net of sustainability indicators to evaluate new proposals.