Environmental consultancy

Sustainability is a quality of the building, that provides profits:

  • for users, due to the high comfort performance and reduction of building maintenance costs (energy and water)
  • for developers and owners, because it increases the real estate value of buildings 
  • for the environment, because it reduces the impact of the building during its construction phase, as well as in its use and later demolition

What does CC60 provide?

  • We advice in decision-making from the beginning of the project, towards reduction of buildings environmental impact .
  • If you would also like to certify the environmental behaviour of a building, ask us for advice and we will inform you about which certification, VERDE, LEED or BREEAM suits you best.

Reports and surveys

In the composition of a report we search for the rigorous elucidation of the facts involved and the causes, which have started them, pointing out possible solutions with a corresponding assessment, which will determine the final sum to be settled.  We develop as well reports related to lawsuits.

What does CC60 provide?

  • cc60 develops reports and expert surveys, both in legal proceedings, and other purposes, such as the determination of  causes in building damages, feasibility studies for building works, assessment of refurbishment works, etc.
  • In order to do this, CC60 gathers information on site, as well as other documents necessary, carries out a detailed analysis of all records, and develops a report or survey, depending on the assignment.