cc60 one of the Collectives studied in the Architecture Magazine “Arquitectura Viva”

Our office has been chosen among others for  this article of the international architecture magazine “Arquitectura Viva”. We share with the others collectives a new way of a new way of understanding our profession in Spain, and the need to reinvent ourselves every day to find new ways of being an architect in the XXI century.

Spanish Collectives. Coral and creative, collectives have expanded throughout Spain with the same strength as the economic crisis gradually weakened the conventional practice of the profession, hannelling the aspirations of a generation that finds in plurality a means to transform society.

 Organized horizontally through physical and digital means, collectives configure, however, a spontaneous and multifaceted universe which reflects very different aspirations and sensibilities, gathered here in a selection of 48 teamsbased in different areas of the Spanish geography.

Executive Summary “Arquitectura Viva” nº 145