Margarita de Luxán and cc60 present an Energy Efficiency Guide for Housing in Lorca (Murcia)

Last December 27th, Margarita de Luxán García de Diego and Gloria Gómez Muñoz from cc60 presented together with the City Counselor for Management and Recovery After the Earthquake, Satur Martínez, a guide that summarizes a series of strategies and proposals towards the improvement of energy efficiency in Lorca dwellings, that have to be reconstructed. The book is titled “Guide for the accomplishment of the energy demand limitation in housing (CTE-DB-HE1) with passive improvements in Lorca”.

This guide has been written by the authors as a contribution for the reconstruction of dwellings after the earthquake in 2011, in which energy savings are observed by using passive strategies. This guide may be downloaded for free on the Lorca Town hall website. This document tries to put together specific recommendations for Lorca climate, with the requirements of the Building Technical Code (CTE) that appear in the chapter for the limitation of energy demand (DB-HE1), so that it helps architects involved in reconstruction works in Lorca.

The document may be downloaded on the  Lorca Town hall website, where you will also find more information related.