Filming set and headquarters of Vihucas Winery

Plató de rodaje y sede social de Bodegas Vihucas

Location: Villacañas, Toledo

Client: BodegasVihucas (Winery)

Assignment: complete refurbishment, with room and furniture design, project, building work direction and execution

This project was carried out together with the architect Iván Pajares from PPCBm architecture office

Project keys:

  • Refurbishment project to adapt the existing space as a filming set, as well as for the headquarters of the winery company Bodegas Vihucas
  • The client needed a versatile room, in order to carry out many different activities, from tv show filming, to teaching or exhibition room, etc.
  • The project tries to transmit the corporate image (colors, environmental commitment, design, imagination, etc.)
  • 80% of building materials are reused or recycled (carpentry, lamps, furniture, etc.). This reduces the environmental impact of the building work in a large degree
  • The project was carried out with a minimal budget (under 100€/sqm) for the complete refurbishment of a 150sqm: economic sustainability premises