We want to save, improving buildings (there is an energy problem)


cc60 is a company strongly engaged with sustainability in construction and urban planning, and there is still a lot of work to do.

Where should we begin? First of all it is necessary to check the current state of the building, a constructive and energy audit, that includes the surroundings, climate, social and economic constraints of the inhabitants, etc. This way, we can find strategies to tackle a sustainable refurbishment, resulting affordable for the neighbours, with the help of public subsidies.

This is basically a Building Assessment Report (IEE), a compulsory document according to Spanish Law 8/2013, Urban Rehabilitation, Regeneration and Retrofitting, for all residential buildings over 50 years old, that tenants will have to gradually turn in at the corresponding Administration.

cc60 is an expert in this field and works out rehabilitation plans and projects, and offers counselling, projects and working construction supervision professional services, related to the IEE document. Our services include high participation of dwellers, in order to adjust the assignment to the actual needs of the building and the socio-economic circumstances, seeking and managing governmental aids and subsidies and organizing the working construction in a customized way.

The main goal is to achieve the highest degree of comfort and building quality, in order to obtain energy savings noticeable for users, optimizing investments costs. We understand comfort, not only that related to thermal conditions, but also to acoustic, accessibility, habitability, etc., and observe the building as a whole with diverse faces to be taken into account, that improve users’ quality of life and health.

cc60 offers from a comprehensive service on counselling, projects, working construction supervising and managing, to a timely service on these fields, in order to solve possible problems or doubts that users may have. We are talking about architecture projects, reports or expert opinion, as well as license management, independent counselling for contracting construction companies, working construction supervision, energy certification of buildings, counselling regarding building energy savings, etc.

You may contact us here:

91 593 80 54 / 91 297 46 21
C/ Fuencarral, 139, 4ºC, 28010 Madrid

Image source: designcue (www.flickr.com)