Summa cum laude for Gloria Gómez Muñoz

On wednesday, June 25th, Gloria Gómez Muñoz read her dissertation, rated unanimously summa cum laude, with the title “Diachronic analysis method, for intervention on housing with ecological criteria. Case study Madrid 1940-2100”. Gloria carried out a magnificent presentation of the document before the tribunal composed by Dr. Mariano Vázquez Espí, Dr. Antonio Humero Torrenova, Dr. Albert Cuchí Burgos, Dr. Joaquín Sabaté Bel and Dr. Servando Álvarez Domínguez. Her thesis directors, Dr. Margarita de Luxán García de Diego and Dr. Javier Neila González, praised her work and commitment, as well as the great possibilities, as the tribunal itself highlighted, about future projections.Tesis Gloria-1