Sustainable Urbanism

Cities are complex systems where different types of aspects interact:  climatic, social, economic, regulatory, urban factors, and so on. They are big energy sinks, and one of the major causes of environmental impacts that are generated on a global scale, such as air pollution, climate change, and resource consumption.

Sustainable urban design is adapted to the unique conditions of climate and land, in order to improve efficiency and quality of life of its inhabitants, integrating both the economic and social dimension.

What does CC60 provide?

  • We analyze the detailed and specific climatic conditions and the physical, economic and social environment, so that our proposals for new districts and/or urban regeneration, suite to the reality of the place. We integrate the contribution of a multidisciplinary team of professionals who are specialized in all the areas involved.
  • We also offer a consultancy service on sustainable urban design for local and regional governments, institutions and other professional teams.